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Difference Between Administrator and Power Users?

     Members of the Administrator group have total control over the computer and everything on it. The user named Administrator is the default account within this group. The domain account of each faculty or staff member with a Windows 2000 computer is part of the Administrator group on his or her computer.

Administrators Can:
Create, modify, and access local user accounts
Install new hardware and software
Upgrade the operating system
Back up the system and files
Claim ownership of files that have become damaged
Do anything a Power User can
Power Users
The Power User class can perform any task except for those reserved for Administators. They are allowed to carry out functions that will not directly affect the operating system or risk security. All domain accounts are part of the Power Users group on public Windows 2000 computers.

Power Users Can:
Create local user accounts
Modify user accounts which they have created
Change user permissions on users, power users, and guests
Install and run applications that do not affect the operating system
Customize settings and resources on the Control Panel, such as Printers, Date/Time, and Power Options
Do anything a User can

Power Users Cannot:
Access other users' data without permission
Delete or modify user accounts they did not create